Animals Used in Research

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The topic that I am choosing to examine for my paper is about animals that are used in research and the rights they they do or do not have. The reason that I chose this particular topic is because that it is a topic that is very significant to me. I am currently going to Delaware technical Community College to become a Veterinary technician. My lifelong dream has always been to help and save animals, Any creature great or small animals used in research, mistreated, neglected and abused is not something that sits to well with me and many other animal rights activist.. When it come to the moral ethics and moral status of animals these are problematic subjects. You are going to have two very opposing sides, some people are tolerable with animals being used in animal research because they feel that these animals have no moral status, they are not autonomous, and they are not sentient, and they are here for our misuse, abuse and consumption. The first theory that I will be looking at is deontological theory of Immanuel Kant, and autonomy. Kant’s theoretical approach is that of an indirect theory. Indirect theories state that animals do not warrant our moral concern on their own, but they may warrant our concern as they relate to humans. I will also examine the direct theory approach of the Utilitarian theory in regards to animals and animal research. Animal rights has been an issue since man enslaved the first animal to do its bidding. For centuries philosophers have
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