Anita Lobel's Nini Lost And Found

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Anita Lobel a known writer and illustrator for children books, wrote in her book, Nini Lost and Found:
"She found a hiding place. "I can't stay here for long," she thought. "Those bad animals are sure to find me." Nini was trapped. Nini was scared. "This is not nice anymore, "she thought "I don't like it at all, I want to go home."" (Sutton 77). The trapped little Jewish girl, who is no longer scared, finds her way home through her autobiographical book, No Pretty Pictures, a child of war. In an interview, Lobel reveals, “And then I found a voice. I found the voice of the younger person lurking in there somewhere” (Devereaux) Anita’s started her life journey as “Aneta” in Kokow, Poland as a happy child with a family until the Nazis invaded
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They would attend church, and feel the sins of hanging on to a secret. Anita felt indifferent about being Jewish, as she wrote “We were Jews. And Jewish sins were worse. Always worse. My brother and I were sitting quietly, hanging on to our secret” (Lobel 59). Little did Lobel know her secret would soon end. Lobel secret ended when she was captured by the Nazis at the convent. Her brother “made to lift up his skirt, and pull his pants down,” because only Jewish little boys was circumcised (Lobel 75). Their journey as prisoners of the Nazis would begin on Christmas day as Nianna would cry for her children as they were being drove off by the Nazis (76). Anita and her brother would be recycled through three concentration camps before they were rescued and taken to Sweden where they would be reunited with their parents. Anita’s journey took her through many changes, but one of the biggest change was identity. The Nazis raped her of her Jewish identity starting with her Jewish name “Hanusia”, it was not to she landed in Sweden that she was given the name “Anita” (Raymond). And those simple rights, such as our birth name is taken for guaranteed. Her autographical book, No Pretty Pictures a child of war, is considered a Young Author book, which I feel is appropriate to be introduce to teenagers, especially is this day and
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