Anne Bradstreet's 'Upon The Burning Of Our House'

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William Bradford was one of the main reasons that the Puritan movement got rolling. He led puritans to the New World. When people wanted to give up he pushed them to keep moving. Bradford believed in something, stood for it, and did something about it. It was because of him that the Puritans could live and have freedom of beliefs. His writings were historical narratives. He talked about the lifestyle of Puritans. He wrote Of Plymouth Plantation, which was about the colony’s first years in America. Bradford gives a telling account of how the Pilgrims were forced to flee to Holland in 1608, the immense suffering they underwent while there, their manner of living in that alien land, and their eventual determination to sail to the New World. Bradford …show more content…

She was Americans first female poet. She wrote about her life and struggles between religion and society. She was looked down on because men were the only people in the colonial period who were considered good writers. She wrote the poem “Upon the Burning of Our House”. In this poem she is watching her house burn down and explaining how she feels about it. Anne Bradstreet contrasts the transitory nature of earthly treasure with eternal treasures. Everything that Anne Bradstreet writes is about her religion and how it shapes her life. Bradstreet’s writings reflect the Puritans’ knowledge of the stories and language of the Bible, as well as their awareness of the relationship between earthly and heavenly life. Anne Bradstreet, like the Puritans, believed that God would take away what He needed to, to ensure that her heart was in the right place, and that He came first; above all. Along with her faith, her marriage and her role as a mother also fulfilled the puritan ideal; loving, respectful, and feminine. Her writings reveal themes of religion in nature and reflected Puritan …show more content…

It was serious, plain, and to the point. They felt it needed to be practical. Religion played a huge role in the lives of Puritans. They ate, slept, and breathed this. Through each of the writings of William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet, and Jonathan Edwards readers can see the essence of Puritanism. The three principles of Puritans (God’s grace, simplicity, and divine mission) can be mirrored through each author’s works. My personal favorite author of the three is Anne Bradstreet. I am an emotional person and I admire that all of her writings are from the heart and completely relatable on every level. There is something about the way that she writes that makes you feel what she is feeling, because in some way in your own personal life there is a similar situation. In her poem “Upon the Burning of Our House” she talks about watching her house burn. Although I have not watched my house burn, I have seen things so dear to me get caught in flames so to speak. God has more than once tried to put things in perspective for me and remind me that this world is temporal and not eternal, that my focus should be on Him. I can relate with Bradstreet on the value of earthly and eternal treasures. Anne Bradstreet’s poetry spoke more than just in the colonial times. It is ever more present in today’s time and just as

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