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Analyzing Anne Frank Choose a character and analyze what influences his/her situation, growth, and motivations Analyzing Anne Frank Times during World War II were very challenging for many people. It is very difficult to imagine how hard lives were for Jewish teenagers, adults, and people off all ages during the war. Many teenagers and adults today who were not born in the early 1900s find it hard to relate to all the events, emotions, pain, suffering, and hardships people have faced back during World War II. For a young girl like Anne in The Diary Of Anne Frank by Anne Frank she shows many readers her point of view of the hard times living in the stressful time period of World War II. [THESIS STATEMENT] Analyzing Anne…show more content…
It may be hard for Anne Frank to decide just where her talents and true vocation lie, but she has a variety of interests. She is easily distracted by all of the fascinating possibilities. Her curiosity and restlessness lead Anne toward many different experiences in life, and she is willing to taste or try anything once. [TOPIC SENTENCE #3] From the beginning and through the end of the play, Anne's personality, character, and life changes so much as she starts to develop emotions and motivations as time goes by. All throughout the years she spent at the Secret Annex, there were many memories, emotions, feelings, motivations, hardships, actions, life changing experiences, and many more things that were involved with everyone who lived with Anne in the Annex. In her years staying at the Annex her emotions were filled with love, despair, curiosity, peace, anger, denial, hope, and courage. For Anne she already had a various amount of things going on in her life from the start and in her diary was writing of all the things that happened during her time she spent at the Annex. For Anne, living in the upstairs attic with people she and her family didn't know had her filled up with many thoughts and emotions. Her relationship with Peter was very different from most couples you see today or at any other time period. Together, Peter and Anne shared an uncommon bond that made their relationship so special in

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