Analysis Of Anne Frank : The Diary Of A Young Girl '

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This book review will analyze the disability of mental lines in the character of Anne Frank in Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Anne Frank’s disability arises in the schizophrenic tendency to distrust everyone that she meets. Frank also shows erratic behavior that is enhanced by the anxiety and despair of being trapped in an attic for many years under the Nazi Occupation. These aspects of mental illness appear to define a mental disability that is placed within the context of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich and the alienation of Jewish people in WWII. This aspect of Frank’s diary presents the horrors of Nazi occupation and the mental damage it brought into the life of a young Jewish girl. In some cases, Frank’s mental illness may have been part of the stresses of daily life under Nazi Occupation, but it could have also been part of neurological disabilities in cognitive functions. In essence, an analysis of the disability of mental illness will be defined in this book review of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Frank’s mental disability appears in her continual distrust for other people when hiding in the attic with Van Daan family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during WWII. In this context, Anne tends to show delusional attributes when places a great deal of ”trust” in her dairy, which provides a fantasy escape from the harsh realities of a life in confinement. During this time, her diary was given the name Kitty”, which provided a way for her to
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