Anne Frank: Are People Really Good At Heart

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Anne Frank and her family were all Jewish during the Holocaust (1933-1945). The Franks and their friends, The Van Dans, hid in a secret annex together for two and a half years. They had two friends on the outside, that weren’t Jewish, that helped them. Their names were Miep Gies and Mr. Crawler. Miep also found Anne Frank’s diary after the Nazi’s had taken her and her family away. In the last part of her diary, she wrote “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” There are multiple reasons why I believe she says this. I believe that this is true because Anne had multiple well-rounded people around her. Her father, had continued to have Anne and Margot, Anne’s sister, to do their school work so that they would not be…show more content…
Instead, he said that he’s a large man and that he needed more food than everyone else did. He was insouciant to everyone else’s feelings. This is when Mrs. Frank had finally had enough. At this point, she snapped. She started telling Mr. and Mrs. Van Dann that they needed to leave, but Peter could stay. She said this because she was trying to protect the children. But when Mr. Van Dann realized that he had done something wrong, he began to apologize to everyone. He said that he knew what he had done was wrong, and that he would never do that again. Even though Edith was stubborn and didn’t want to risk Mr. Van Dann doing this again, she still allowed them to stay and forgave Mr. Van Dann. I believe that when Mrs. Frank forgave Mr. Van Dann and when Mr. Van Dann realized what he did was wrong both led Anne to believe that people are really good at heart. In Anne Frank’s diary, she wrote “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” I believe that she wrote this because of multiple things that had happened throughout her life. Sadly, Otto was the only one from the secret annex who survived being sent to the concentration
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