Anne Frank, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, And Miss Breed

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Betrayed by their country, locked up in camps, and being tortured while suffering from day to day, are the people who have experienced and seen a reality to which the majority of folks thought would always stay a horrific fantasy. Throughout the course of history, countless amounts of people have been discriminated for their religion or their gender. During World War Two, Jewish people, some who considered themselves German, were discriminated for their religion. In America, Japanese-Americans were targeted simply for having the same facial features as the people who bombed Pearl Harbor. Throughout these years, people have best responded to conflict through fear, expressing that fear through diaries, friends, letters, and having positive attitudes throughout it all. The Story of Anne Frank, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and Miss Breed, all illuminate the disparate types of conflict involved in their time spent during the war. Anne Frank, a girl of only thirteen years old at the start of the war has become a vast inspiration for people of all ages. Trapped in a secret hiding place for two whole years before capture, she steadily becomes grateful for the small amount of food, space, and privacy that she has, all while sharing her space with eight others. Anne expresses her imagination as she turns the most dullest and drab place into one with liveliness and joy, “Dearest Kitty...Thanks to father-who brought my entire postcard and movie-star collection here beforehand-and to

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