Anne Frank Wrote about the Good Underneath

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Anne Frank once wrote “Despite everything, I believe that people are still really good at heart” and I personally agree with this statement. Anne Frank was a Dutch, Jewish girl who went into hiding during the Holocaust. She and her family were hiding from the Nazis in the time of World War II. The Jewish were one of the people to starve in Hitler’s Hunger Plan. Anne during her time in hiding wrote in her diary that in today’s time is published. Sadly, after a few years of hiding, she was arrested and died at a concentration camp. Her words however still affect our time and rings out. She’s able to see the light through all the darkness and that’s where her quote comes and it rings true. People are really good at heart. People show goodness in many ways whether the gesture be big or small. In The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank, Willy Lindwer interviewed Hannah Elisa Pick-Goslar who was a personal friend of Anne. Hannah at the time was going through a rough part in her life. She lost her father and her sister was ill. When she went to Burgen Belsen, she was reunited with Anne. She (Hannah Elisa Pick-Goslar) would stand outside the fence and the two would speak to each other. Anne believed her father was dead along with her mother. Hannah of course didn’t know their whereabouts. However to provide relief to Anne, with the goodness of her heart, she threw packages of food over the fence. She did this four times before Anne got moved to another part of the camp. This act of

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