Anne Sexton 's Her Kind

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The poetic composition, “Her Kind,” is Anne Sexton’s confessional, a devotion allowing female readers a keen awareness of the knowledge that they are not forsaken within a male dominated society. The conception, of the work of art, arrives years before its birth. Sexton’s psychiatrist, Orne, speaks to the poet, expressing that her poetry allows women to consider “there’s somebody else like [her and] they wouldn’t feel alone,” in other words, there are women who are her kind (Perez 25). Additionally, in a personal journal, Sexton notes, “Somebody sees me, and I see myself through them. Then it’s all gone, the whole world falls apart” (Perez 21). One can undeniably associate this journal entry with the verse “A woman like that is not a woman, quite” (Sexton 513). Furthermore, Sexton is a woman who wears countless masks, in her personal life, mimicking the masks of the women within “Her Kind”. Concluding, it is not a great mystery, taking Sexton’s personal life into account, how she is capable of ascribing herself to a witch, a housewife, and a martyr.

Anne Sexton’s personal life is a mirror image of the narrator in “Her Kind,” as the author and the narrator “illustrate the problematic position of women at the time, the struggle to create an identity beyond what is recognized as a women’s place in society” (Johnson, “Works” 3). Initially introducing readers to a woman, equivalent to a witch, secretly hiding behind a cloak of darkness out of fear she may be ostracized for not

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