Annie Dillard 's Living Like Weasels

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The concept of free will is essential in topics related to choice. The way people live their lives is constructed by decisions they make on a daily basis, such as whether or not to attend a college classes or what job to choose in the future. But in “Living Like Weasels”, Annie Dillard realizes that the concept of free will is not pure. Society has a tendency to drive an individual’s choice based on what is the norm. Through her observations of a weasel, Dillard makes a commentary on the relationship between people and free will. In “Living Like Weasels”, Annie Dillard uses the analysis of a weasel to remind society about the often overlooked power of free will embedded in human nature. Annie Dillard 's, "Living Like Weasels" has many observational characteristics about the daily life of a weasel. At the exposition of her story, she goes into detail about the appearance, behavior and other such details about a weasel’s life. According to her observations, weasels are wild and obedient to instinct, meaning a weasel will do anything to survive. In the passage Dillard notes, weasels are "ten inches long, thin as a curve, a muscled ribbon, brown as fruitwood, soft-furred, alert … He had two black eyes I didn 't see, any more than you see a window" (Dillard). This analysis of the weasel’s appearance emphasizes the fact that they are simple land dwelling creatures. Initially, Dillard only viewed weasels as the inferior animals’ society deems them as. But as she observed their

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