Annotated Bibliography For Homeschooling

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Annotated Bibliography for Homeschooling
Education in our society is a very important factor in shaping our future. One’s future is depended on the education they receive and everyone is somehow affected by this. Children from the ages of kindergarteners to seniors in high school, college graduates, and stay at home mothers, are all shaped by the education the government provides us. There are many different ways to acquire an education some through private schools, public, charter, and being homeschooled. However, homeschooling is growing more in popularity than it has ever been.

Brown, Dave F. Why America’s Public Schools Are the Best Place for Kids: Reality vs. Negative Perceptions. Lanham, Md., Rowman &Amp; Littlefield Education, 2012.

In Brown’s book, he goes into complete detail of how the service of public schools came into our lives and why it is so important. Our founding fathers insisted that the government provide thirteen years of education to every individual. Public schooling has come a long way and it provides all students the “insightful education that is desired”. Teacher who teach at public schools provide the correct incentives and learning experiences to engage all students throughout their thirteen years of education. This free service the government provides us should not be taken for granted, realizing that other countries do not provide thirteen years of free education. He states that everyone should honor and preserve the gift they have of public

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