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Bartley, Tim and Curtis Child. "Movements, Markets and Fields: The Effects of ­Anti-Sweatshop Campaigns on U.S. Firms, 1993-2000." Social Forces, vol. 90, no. 2, Dec. 2011, pp. 425-451. EBSCOhost,,ip,cpid&custid=s8419239&db=mth&AN=95750538&site=ehost-live. The article contains an abundant amount of information describing the concerns others have about the anti-sweatshop movement. There are many ways that society and mass public movements affect corporations whether it be in a positive way or a negative one. With movements becoming prevalent in society and causing great change there are many questions and concerns about
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"Teens in Sweatshops." Junior Scholastic, vol. 106, no. 8, 24 Nov. 2003, p. 8. EBSCOhost,,ip,cpid&custid=s8419239&db=prh&AN=11430419&site=ehost-live. This article focuses on teenagers that work in sweatshops, specifically in the United States. The article contains personal interviews and examples from real teens that were most likely immigrant workers working in sweatshops. The article describes events of a variety of different people working in different sweatshops and the effect it had on them. There are direct quotes from not only workers from sweatshops but also from workers in corporate companies speaking about their side on sweatshops. With statistics and facts being used in the article important information can easily be read through and understood. The article is important because it easily sums up sweatshops from what they are to what they do and how it affects others. With the article being so small and easy to read people with varying reading levels can read the information being presented and know about the abuse that is happening. Moving accounts from people and specific names of popular clothing stores serve as important details that impact a reader’s opinion on…show more content…
"Public Disclosure of the Sweatshop Practices of American Multinational Garment/Shoe Makers/Retailers: Impacts on Their Stock Prices." Competition & Change, vol. 7, no. 1, Mar. 2003, p. 23. EBSCOhost,,ip,cpid&custid=s8419239&db=bsh&AN=10077067&site=ehost-live. The article gives details about the anti-sweatshop movement such as the time it started in the 1990’to where the movements affected. The article contains a list of the specific occurrences of what happened at a retail store whether negative or positive to demonstrate the change caused by movements and legal action. There were many political involvements when discussing sweatshops such as the Clinton administration creating apparel partnerships to combat the conditions of sweatshops. There are also stockholders introducing no sweat labor codes that ultimately help not only the workers in sweatshops but the stockholders as well. There is the introduction of specific store names such as Walmart as well as the countries affected by the stores being named to target the emotional view of the public. The article discusses and mentions all the positive effects that movements and social action have created as well as the cause of laws that help prevent abuse at such a large scale to continue to
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