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Kaleasha Pullicar
Capstone Rough Draft
Mr. Christian Computer Applications
1 April 2015

Capstone Draft:
Passwords are an important security measure that are often taken for granted. Many people use simple easy to remember passwords that do not require much thought or using the same simple password for everything. Those are common mistakes amongst password users. In order to insure your accounts are safe creating a strong password and creating habits that increase the security are a necessity. Also making sure you know when your information is secure is an important fact to know. The first thing that you need to do in order to ensure the information you are giving is secure is to look at the website. The http/: if this does not have
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These are the top 20 most overused passwords.
20.654321 (Komando 2015)”
These passwords should be avoided and not be used.
Other things you shouldn’t use as passwords are your birth day, a family members’’ name or birth day, zip codes, family pet or anything that is special to you. Those are the easiest to crack. In order to create a good random password use random phrases. For example, “My mom goes to 3 different stores every 2nd Friday”. This would be excellent for creating a random password. Just by taking every third letter and using both the numbers would create a great password. “MoOt3Frtose2iy” your new virtually uncrack able password. Adding a special character at the front and the back helps “* MoOt3Frtose2iy*”. If you have a hard time creating passwords use a random password generator on the internet if you can’t create one yourself. Another thing that you should never do, is use the same password for everything. The problem with using the same password for all your online accounts is that if someone was able to crack that one password, they would have access to everything. So a few things that would help keep your information safe. First you must create different passwords that are at least 14 -16 characters

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