Annotated Bibliography On Data Mining

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Data mining has popular technology for extracting interesting information for multimedia data sets, such as audio, video, images, graphics, speech, text and combination of several types of data set. Multimedia data are unstructured data or semi-structured data. These data are stored in multimedia database, multimedia mining which is used to find information from large multimedia database system, using multimedia techniques and powerful tools. The current approaches and techniques are explained for mining multimedia data. This paper analyzes about the use of essential characteristics of multimedia data mining, retrieving information is one of the goals of data mining and different issues have been discussed.

Keywords: Data Mining, Multimedia Mining, Clustering, Classification.
1.1 Multimedia data mining: Multimedia data mining has been shown in fig.1 is a subfield of data mining that used to find interesting information of implicit knowledge. Multimedia data are classified into five types, there are (i) text data (ii) image data (iii) audio data (iv) video data and (v) electronic and digital ink [2]. Text data can be used in web browsers, messages like MMS and SMS. Image data can be used in art work and pictures with text still images taken by a digital camera. Audio data contains sound, MP3 songs, speech and music. Video data include time aligned sequence of frames, MPEG videos from desktops, cell phones, video cameras. Electronic and digital ink
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