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A data stream is a real time, continuous, structured sequence of data items. Mining data stream is the process of extracting knowledge from continuous, rapid data records. Data arrives faster, so it is a very difficult task to mine that data. Stream mining algorithms typically need to be designed so that the algorithm works with one pass of the data. Data streams are a computational challenge to data mining problems because of the additional algorithmic constraints created by the large volume of data. In addition, the problem of temporal locality leads to a number of unique mining challenges in the data stream case. The data mining techniques namely clustering, classification and frequent pattern mining are applied to extract the knowledge …show more content…

In many applications, data stream mining can be read the data base only once. Examples of data streams include computer network traffic, phone conversations, ATM transactions, web searches, and sensor data [2][4]. Data stream mining can be considered a subfield of data mining and machine learning. In many data stream mining applications, the goal is to predict the class or value of new instances in the data stream which gives some knowledge about the class membership or values of previous instances in the data stream. Machine learning techniques are used to learn this prediction task from labeled examples in an automated fashion.

Stream data, can be a continuous, potentially infinite flow of information as opposed to finite, statically stored data sets. Besides querying data streams, another important application is to mine data streams for interesting patterns or anomalies as they happen. For data stream applications, the volume of data is usually too huge to be stored on permanent devices or to be scanned thoroughly more than once. Both approximation and the ability to adapt are key ingredients for executing queries and performing mining tasks over rapid data streams. With the help of the data stream generator the user gets information. To apply some data stream approach i.e. using any of the data mining algorithms the user can get the required output. The data are evaluated by single pass algorithm i.e. reads only one time

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