Annotated Bibliography On Inclusion In Public Schools

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Annotated Bibliography
The more knowledge educators and administrators gain on the topic of inclusion, the greater benefit it is for all actors involved, teachers, administrators, students, parents and the community. Studying and exploring the many, different aspects of inclusion will provide the foundation to make educated and informed instruction. The goal being to assist teachers, administrators and parents to gain a good working knowledge of what inclusion means for a student with a disability. Along with knowledge about inclusion, studying inclusion will provide information about the different disabilities along with the characteristics and behaviors of each. Information on inclusion is imperative for teachers and administrators who teach students with disabilities in order to protect the rights of all involved.
There is also a need to provide education on inclusion to other personal involved with the school systems such as support staff like the custodial and cafeteria staff. Inclusion in the school systems is an ongoing evolving process with the goal of providing the best environment and education possible for children with a disability. At the same time, the teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and community have to work through the do’s and don’ts of the ever-changing legislation concerning inclusion in public schools. Staying up with the changes requires professional development for teachers and administrators. Development of inclusion training for

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