Annotated Bibliography On Surveillance And Privacy

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Surveillance and Privacy Do you know who is spying on you? This question is based on one of the major issues in today 's technological world. The days of people following each other to collect information on one another has changed now that technology is mainstream. Spying has taken a new form, so called surveillance. Thanks to technologies fast rise, privacy is becoming less of a right. When it comes to the topic of surveillance technology, most of us will readily agree that our privacy is being compromised. Where this agreement usually ends however, is the question of surveillances effectiveness. Whereas some are convinced that our freedom and privacy is being violated, others maintain that the government is not the only issue, with corporations being in the surveying business, and a cultural perspective like that of the Japanese the whole notion of the issue of privacy. It could be our concern for privacy stems from our cultural development? And the American lifestyle is what should be examined. People in the Western world live an individualistic lifestyle. They value personal achievement and privacy. Privacy is seen as a basic right in the western world, despite the lack of laws in place to protect the people 's privacy. The rise of new technology threatens people 's privacy, as they also assist the government 's effort in surveillance. Most people don 't realize every Shamsudeen 2 digital move they make creates a trail that is recorded and stored. All

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