Annotated Bibliography on Global Warming

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Annotated Bibliography & Essay

Annotated Bibliography on Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

Fumento, Michael. “The Cooling Off on Global Warming.” The Washington Times 8 July 1999: 15. LexisNexis Academic . Academic Universe. W. I. Dykes Lib., University of Houston-Downtown. 20 Feb. 2010
Fumento explains that a nonprofit group called Public Agenda and American Geophysical Union (AGU) has reported on public frustration about global warming and other pollutants. This report shows significant decline in many pollutants and about 50% drop on global warming in the mid to
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Johnson also points out how interest groups and well paid lobbyist are continually fighting the good fight in congress and the media to get the word out. The author also states how the definition of global warming has now expanded to include any and every weather disturbance, change, irregularity, and spontaneity. The main goal of Johnson is to let people know that scientific theory according to Karl Popper proves that global warming is false and the
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