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Bell, Amanda R. "What Factors Affect Body Image In Teenage Girls." What Factors Affect Body

Image 2013

The Autho,r goes on to describe how the media wheather telvesion, the movies or magazines play a big part in body image for teenage girls. She describles that it can be determental to their healt in so many ways. How young girls don’t get that much exercise and that can lead to wait gain. However sports can help to improve the body image of teenage girls. Also that even though caregivers and parents control these factors, young woman who face these daily challenges can help reserve the negativity.

Family, National Institute on Media and the. "Medias Effects on Body Image." n.d.

The author, goes on to describe The most popular …show more content…

Schiegel, Amanda Von. "How the Media Affects the Self-Esteem and Body Image of Young

girls." How the Media Affects the Self-Esteem and Body Image of Young girls (August 22 2012).

The Author goes on to write, the media is going to get worse and put more pressure on the self body image and how it should”idealy look” There will always be damaging affects of eating disorders, depression, and physical depression but its up to them wheather or not they aregoing to let it affect them. They nrrd to remember that everyone feels that way some point in their life. The thing say see on TV are unrealistic and unhealthy America . He then goes on to write “We ourselves are the true ideal of the human body.”

(Amozon)Younger, Beth. Learning Curves. Scarecrow Press 35 Image and Female Sexuality in Adult Literature

(Scareco) Amozone July 2009.

Younger’s superb overview of young adults books on the body image and Female sexuality in young aduldts literature has much to recommend it…This guideline to females in young adult literature is highly recommended. Drawing on a diverse set of text books spanning alost 70 years- including well known classics, novels now out of print, and seriesfiction- she makes acomplelling case for the cutural and developmental signifinace of the body of work…… The book makes a unique contrubutionin recognizing this

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