Annotated Bibliography on the Progression on Changes During the 1960's

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Historical fiction part 3: research: annotated bibliography (15 resources)

Era 1: United States in the 1960s

POV: from a NASA woman spy POV who worked to spy in Russia, age is about 27-30

1. Cabral, E. (2008, March 10). What a Ride! (cover story). Student Research Center.
Retrieved January 10, 2014, from
• This article from the EBSCOHOST database shows that during the 1960s, teachers were great supporters of space travel and would roll in televisions in class so that the students could watch the very first launches made.
• Sally Ride was the first woman to travel in
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• The central aim of space exploration and its chief inspiration during the 1960s was the landing of instruments and men on the moon and planets, in particular to search for any sign of life.
• When asked, "What is the scientific value of sending men into space?” Anatoly Blagonravov – one of the chief architects of the Soviets Unions' space achievements – answered, "I quite agree that modern techniques [of automatic instrumentation] permit us to solve all the scientific problems we set ourselves. But I do not exclude that in the further development of space techniques the personal participation of Man may be of great interest and importance. Independently of the perfection of automatic machines, Man must see with his own eyes what is going on in space."
• The Americans and the Soviet Space Program were both involved in man-in-space programs, but unlike the Russians they were not inclined to minimize the scientific merits of the operation. "Scientists of the United States will welcome this technological achievement by Soviet engineers and medical experts and by the Soviet astronaut, because it represents a further step in the exploration of space and will inevitably add to Man's knowledge about himself and the universe in which he lives."

3. Davis, D., & Talbot, S.. (Director). (2005). The sixties: the year that shaped a generation
[Documentary]. United States: Oregon Public Broadcasting.
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