Annual Report

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Annual Report Workbook

Getting under the hood of an Annual Report

and knowing what’s inside

by Donald Bittar


You can use this workbook for analyzing many companies and saving your analysis for each one, like many professionals. Just like them, over time, you can compare a company’s actual performance to your analysis and predictions. Saving your analysis sheets can help sharpen you analytical skills.

The questions in the workbook are numbered the same way as they are in the book, ‘Getting Under the Hood of an Annual Report’. As there are no questions in the first chapter of the book, the workbook starts with Chapter 2. It will make it easier for you to relate the questions in the workbook to those in
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13 Question 4.6 – Who owns the stock? 13 Question 4.7 – First look at the company’s strength 14 Question 4.8 – Significant changes in the balance sheet 15 Question 4.9 – Significant changes in the cash account 15 Question 4.10 – Debt to equity and the competition 15 Question 4.11 – ‘Income statement’. What’s in a name? 16 Question 4.12 – How does your company report the core business? 16 Question 4.13 – How does your company describe its business income? 17 Question 4.14 – Irregular items. Good or Bad? 17 Question 4.15 – The big questions. Are they makin’ money? Are they lookin’ good? 18 Question 4.16 – Which trend is important and why? 19 Question 4.17 – How strong is your company’s cash position? 19 Question 4.18 – How well can your company pay its bills? 20 Question 4.19 – How leveraged is your company? 21 Question 4.20 – How well does your company invest in its future? 22 Question 4.21 – Capital and Treasury Stock 22 Question 4.21 –Basic information about your company not found on the financial statement? 23 Question 4.22 –Other significant information about your company not found on the financial statement? 23 Questions for Chapter 5 25 Question 5.1 – Working Capital Balance 25 Question 5.2 – Acid Test or Quick Ratio 25 Question 5.3 – Current Ratio 26 Question 5.4 – Cash Ratio 27 Question 5.5 – Return on Sales Ratio 28 Question
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