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My tour theme is 18th Arrondissement “Annual Ring”. Typically, when you are planning to go to Paris, guidebooks or websites tell you that most of the major sites are located in the center of Paris. I am going to Paris in July. I was looking at the website information and was going to visit some major sites. You never know when you can visit there next, so I don’t want to miss the world-famous sites. While I was researching about Paris, I found a beautiful eye-catch building. It was located in 18th arrondissement. I was not sure what it is, but it was love at first sight. No matter what my current plan is now, I am going to visit there. So I changed the entire schedule that I planned previously and decided on the gorgeous building to visit …show more content…

What do you think that Jeanne d’Arc was praying for 588 years ago in this location? Because of the reason, this church is dedicated to Jeanne d’Arc. Other than Jeanne d’Arc, the stained-glass windows are one of the features. It was created by Leon Zack. You will also find the head sculpture and the statue of the saint. [Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, 2015]
After you visited the church, when you head south on Rue de la Chapelle toward Impasse du Cure for 110 meters (0.06 miles), you will see the next destination, Eglise Saint-Bernard de la Chapelle on your left side. It is about 1 minute walk. Eglise Saint-Bernard de la Chapelle is located at 6 Rue de la Chapelle, 75018 Paris. The purpose of this church to be built was starting back in 1864. The Gare du Nord (North Station) construction was started and completed in 1864. During the Gare du Nord construction time, the population was increased and needed a new church. That is why the Eglise Saint-Bernard de la Chapelle started its construction and was built in 1861. It is a Roman Catholic Church and it’s also known as “Neo-Gothic Charm”. [Wikipedia, 2017] This is one of the symbolized beautiful churches from the 19th century. The interiors of this church are attractive with several art and artificial objects. The most remarkable item among them is the Cavaille-Coll pipe organ from 1963. This church is also famous for an area

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