Comparison and Contrast of Two Gothic Cathedrals Essay

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Comparison and Contrast of Two Gothic Cathedrals

Gothic Style is some of the most beautiful works of art that man have ever made. It originated with the Romanesque style of building which lasted for about one hundred years before it was replaced by Gothic styles. The founder of the Gothic style was a man by the name of Abbot Suger. Notre Dame de Chartres cathedral was built in France between 1145 and 1513 and is Gothic architecture. Another Gothic architecture is the Bourges and it is located in Bourges France. Both of these works of art are very similar with many different features. When Abbot Suger created the Gothic style he had in mind to create a church to pay respects to God by illuminating light with stained glass.
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When comparing the two buildings both consist of glass that was stained. The windows in the Bourges cathedral were stained with stories of the Old Testament. Both the Notre Dame de Chartres and the Bourges Cathedral are expressions of a new age of faith that grew out of the medieval Christian theology and mysticism, (Frank, Patrick). The Notre Dame de Chartres was used for meetings, concerts, and religious plays. It was the only indoor space that could hold all of the towns’ people. Most importantly, the Chartres cathedral was used as a place for worship. The Bourges cathedral was dedicated to Saint Stephen and was also used as a place for worship. While constructing both of these cathedrals there were sculptures created that represented narratives of theology and mysticism. Both were created for a place of worship that’s why sculptures and paintings of religious images were added. This showed a great respect for the belief in Christ and the surrounding believers.

Both of these cathedrals are representations of the Catholic faith and the cathedrals were renown in their societies. The have been many structural grievances over the years. The meaning and value have been carried on as well.

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