Anonymous Monkey Ninja Essay

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Brief and Possibly Unnecessary Author’s Note:

I was having some trouble coming up with new ideas last week for my free-write, so I decided to write a scene from my book that I hadn’t yet, and incorporate one of the themes into that. However, I was unaware that I would actually have to finish the story, and It had to be 500 words or less. Considering the climax and conclusion of my book were probably several thousand words away from the free-write segment, I decided I ought to tell a different story.

So here it is. Enjoy!


Nathan patted the desk frantically.

“Where are my keys?” he said through gritted teeth.

He rustled piles of papers aside, and shoved open …show more content…

Can I get a second witness to the monkey-ninja?”

“Dude, calm down. maybe you left them in your car.” someone suggested.

He knew they weren’t there, but he checked anyway. He was pretty desperate now.

If his desk was a dangerous forest, then surely his car was the site of a nuclear detonation. He remembered then that he had meant to clean it before the date.

Nathan threw all his rage into organizing. He might as well do it now, since the keys were nowhere in sight. He collected wads of paper and wrappers from the floor and unearthed ancient artifacts from beneath the seats. He even took time to straighten the glove-box.

When he stood back and looked at his work, he couldn’t help but feel a little proud. At least, his mother would be proud, he thought.

He was proud, that is, until the memory of his original task came back to smack him in the face.

He dashed back into the office, his mind blank of all places they could be.

“I still can’t find them!”

“You spent a while out there, man. I thought you might have.”


He thought he’d take one last glance at his office. He was running out of time.

But as soon as he entered the cubicle, his eyes latched on to the very object he was looking for. The way the bright metal reflected the buzzing fluorescent lights, at that moment, was beautiful indeed.

“Found ‘em!” he shouted in triumph, holding the jingling key ring high above his head. The soothing sounds those keys made was the finest of music.

He would

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