Another Town Another Cop Attack On A Cop Summary

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Another town, another attack on a cop “Another Town, Another Cop Attack on a Cop” by The Editorial Board for the Washington Times, discusses the attack of Officer Jesse Hartner by Edward Archer. Officer Jess Hartner was shot at thirteen times but only hit three times. Miraculously, the three bullets the officer was hit by did not cause any extensive damage, hitting only his left arm. Officer Hartner was able to get out of his car and return fire on his shooter, Edward Archer. The article states that Edward's reason for attacking a policeman was simply because police enforce laws that are against his religion. The mayor states that Edward's motives are not connect to the Islam religion. The editorial board believes the mayor is unable to say what the shooter's motives are and should not tell people the reason is not religion. Reasons the editorial board states he is …show more content…

The mayor did not conduct an interview with Edwards, which he shouldn’t because he is not an investigator. The mayor didn’t even wait for the police to conduct an interview, he just jumped to the conclusion. Now during the investigation, police will not be able to tell if the guys identifiers, which indicate if he is lying or not, are real or just made up for a lesser charge. Religion based crimes have a harsher punishment than the crime if just shooting a cop. The mayor gave Edward an amazing tactic to use while he is being prosecuted.
The writers have strong word choice and rarely use simple sentences. An example of strong word choice is the writers used aspired instead of hope. Most of the sentences started with adjectives which makes the article flow easier. Another example of exceptional writing style the writers used was they wrote in active voice instead of passive. A weakness the writers had was they didn’t use a lot of transitional which made it hard to

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