Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction : Open Or Closed?

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Open or Closed?
The Physical Therapy profession has been around for many years. “The American physical therapy profession emerged during and following the First World War as a result of the need for trained providers of therapeutic exercise – who practiced under the supervision of a physician – for the rehabilitation of injured soldiers.” (Wrynn, 2014) The profession over the past few years has had a huge expansion in need. “Physical therapists (PTs) provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients with injuries or disease. (Physical Therapist, 2012) Physical Therapist work with the patient to make sure …show more content…

In the past an injury to the ACL has been considered “career ending.” The anatomy of the anterior cruciate ligament is created to support the knee. The ACL creates a cross in the knee when prepared with the posterior cruciate ligament, PCL. The job of the anterior cruciate ligament is to keep the tibia from moving anteriorly and the femur from rotating.
In recent years is has become one of the most rehabilitated ligament is in the body right up there with the bicep tendon. Over the past few years anterior cruciate ligament injuries have increased and are spreading across different age and gender lines. Most of the ACL injuries that we see can be classified as a contact injury. I use a contact injury here to mean that two people or even a person and an object, such as a ball, collide with a massive force and cause the movement of the knee in a way that tears the ligament. An example of this would be when two soccer players collide as they are going for the ball and the force of player one hits player two on the back of the knee causing the tibia to move in that anterior motion further than the limits of the anterior cruciate ligament and causing the tear. The fix for this is through surgery known and an ACL Reconstruction.
The anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is the most common option to repair the ACL after injury. An anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction consists of

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