Anterograde Amnesia In The Movie Memento

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Imagine living your life having no recollection of the past 20 seconds of anything that happens to you. Constantly feening for a way to remember, knowing that no matter how hard you try to remember a piece of something will always be forgotten. This is the case of a man named Leonard Shelby, an insurance claims investigator who lives with his wife who is diabetic in the movie Memento. This movie depicts a life that some may live every day; a life that struggles to remember certain aspects of it. In this psychological thriller, the disorder presented through the main character Leonard is called Anterograde Amnesia, better known as short-term memory. This is a disorder in which short term memories are often forgotten long before they ever have the ability to become long term memories. This is caused by the brain being affected by some sort of trauma or accident that affects the hippocampus of the brain making it very hard from that point on to remember anything other than the long-term memories that were set in your brain before any trauma. During a break in into his home Leonard was struck by a gun to the side of his head by two masked criminals which caused his short-term memory loss. Also during the incident, his wife was raped and killed by them. Leonard kills one of the criminals, but the other gets away with minimal damage. This is the last event that Leonard can fully remember thus fueling his need for revenge on whoever killed his wife. This fuel is what leads him

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