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The book All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr takes place during the Holocaust in World War II. Marie-Laure LeBlanc and her father Daniel live in Paris where he is a locksmith who keeps track of thousands of keys for the National Museum of Natural History. Marie-Laure suddenly loses her sight at the age of six and her father builds her a wooden replica of her town so she can navigate confidently. As war was slowly coming to a start the museum curators packed up all the valuables and move them to safety. A precious stone called the Sea of Flames was one that was never on display by is said to have the power to keep its owner safe while bringing ruin and death to all around them. In the countryside of Zollverein, Germany Werner…show more content…
When the author writes “To shut your eyes is to guess nothing of blindness,” Marie-Laure experienced war in a completely different way. It showed me blindness like I never really thought of before. Not having your sight makes your other senses stronger which made her able to feel more than ever. World War II has brought about many businesses including Nestle who was bought out by a holocaust survivor, BMW was made up of slave laborers provided by the Nazis, and IBM who custom built computers to keep track of Nazi’s timetables and the number of Jews being shipped around. During this time technology was increasing a significant amount that was mostly done by Nazi’s. In this book it seems like German’s have been misunderstood in World War II. Many Nazi’s were forced into war not having a choice whether or not to kill, and if they chose not to there own life would be taken. This gave me a different perspective in the holocaust as not all Nazi’s were killing, as Warner was a prime example of one. I think this has changed my perspective on war being fought because it showed the good of what could come out of war. When everything is said and done you can only look at the negative for so long until you look at the positive. Marie-Laure found love in her life of fear of always hiding and never let her blindness stop her. This gives me a better perspective of international marketing by just…show more content…
I tried to relay the title to relate to the book and compared it to Marie-Laure being blind. As she couldn’t see “the light” I compared that to the light at the end of the tunnel as she makes it out alive. I was more curious as to what the author meant it to be and he said this, “...that there are countless invisible stories still buried within World War II — that stories of ordinary children, for example, are a kind of light we do not typically see. Ultimately, the title is intended as a suggestion that we spend too much time focused on only a small slice of the spectrum of possibility (Doer).” As we look back at history we don’t hear too much about the children and how many lost stories are not
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