Anti Gun Control Essay

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Second Amendment: To Protect not Restrict
School shootings in the United States have ignited national debate about how to decrease gun violence. These controversial debates have focused entirely on issues associated to gun control. Both adversaries and supporters of gun control have used their personal views and utilized media attention in order to advance their claims. Anti-gun activists suggest the implementation of the Australian style gun control system could be a favorable policy in the United States. Contrary to anti-gun ideology, pro-gun opponents dispute that the Second Amendment protects citizens with their right to bear arms. Creating an Australian style gun control system will not be successful because removing guns from citizens …show more content…

After the bloodshed at Sandy Hooks, media promoted stories that discussed the restriction of guns. Adelmann (2015) states that these stories were overwhelming compared to stories that discussed gun rights. In 2013 Obama introduced a proposal that would enhance federal gun control policies. Despite the Sandy Hooks tragedy, Senate rejected Obama’s proposal. Critics blamed Congress for not introducing Obama’s stricter gun control laws in the United States. With the help of the media, Obama tried to use the incident at Port Arthur, Australia, as an example in order to enforce these gun laws according to Hirsh, …show more content…

All semi-automatic and automatic rifles are prohibited to own, manufacture or sell. All owners have to properly store their firearms and all ammunition needs to also be stored in a separate storage. The NFA also requires that all owners and dealers need to acquire a license. In order to acquire a license there has to be a reasonable reason to be allowed to own a firearm. These are the regulations required in Australia. America would not be able to use an Australian Style gun control system because the right to own firearm is protected by the United States

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