Anti Vietnam War Era Essay

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Anti-Vietnam War Era
The SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) gave perspective into the mindset of Washington University students during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. These students would provide demonstrations and opinions that would impact the social environment and activities of a time of confusion and political un-justification. Many returning Vietnam Veterans and students would take action during the anti-war era. As the war had continued, the public had changed their views of the war becoming aggressive and unsupportive to what they felt was a lost cause. After reviewing several leaflets and newspapers written by students of Washington University, demonstrations of their ideas and involvement during the anti-Vietnam War movement would give considerable detail to this era. “Peace on Earth” “G.I Movement Past and Present,” and “A US Infantry Squad Just Came through Here,” all provided evidence that civilians and military would not continue to support the war and take action regarding it. “Peace on Earth,” was an itinerary written by Jon Birch (C.O National Office) in 1971 to announce events taking place by the Vietnam Veterans against the War. Over 8 days, and four locations, these events would demonstrate the anti-war …show more content…

The speakers are to demonstrate the impact of G.I’s support in the war. It is noted that for the 1st time in history would G.I’s demonstrate against a war that is in progress. Many current soldiers felt the war needed to end, and were only there because they had to. The antiwar movement would put much pressure on Presidential decisions regarding the war. Without the backing of the public and majority of active duty soldiers, the morale and engagement of active soldiers would be greatly affected. This flyer would illustrate a seminar which was common during this era in the anti-war

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