Antigone And Clytemnestra In The Oresteia And Oedipus Trilogy

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The Oresteia and Oedipus Trilogy have characters that either emotionally engage you to feel sympathy or sorrow for them while they go through troubles. There are also characters in these works that make you want to detest them on the basis of their character, actions, or behavior. The character that tugs at my heart strings the most between the works of Aeschylus and Sophocles is Antigone. The character between the Oresteia and the Oedipus trilogy that evokes contempt or anger is Clytemnestra. Antigone has to live with the major effects on her family after her father’s curse compounds itself into the slow deterioration of the city and her family. Antigone’s love for her family despite all odds provides an emotional connection to her since it is relatable to family life and how one wants to protect their close ones despite circumstance. I find her a sympathetic character also due to the fact that she always seems alone in her ideals. Clytemnestra on the other hand is on the other side of the spectrum; she is a manipulative sweet talker that pulls the heart strings of the reader then detaches the readers’ string and sympathy through her actions.
Antigone’s dedication to her family throughout all of their family struggles causes me to sympathize with her more than any other character because she has a noble goal in trying to respect her family in either life or death. I see familial bonds as an integral part of a person’s life so seeing Antigone agonize over it allows me to
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