Antihypertensive Heart Failure

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One of the most important aspects of treating a patient with heart failure is providing an ample amount of education and counseling to both the patient and their family. It is essential that the patient understands the importance of participating in their treatment regimen and that it is a lifelong commitment that they must actively be involved with in managing their care (Hinkle & Cheever, 2014, p.800). I believe that it is important for the RN to acknowledge the patients frustration and provide them with a quality of life that allows them to continue being active. Educating the patient about the side effects of their current medication can be very helpful, as the patient discontinued their medications, based on what their friends suggested. Inform them that it is imperative to speak with their medical team and address their concerns, before making any changes to …show more content…

Although many types of antihypertensive medications have the potential to cause a decreased sex drive as well as impotence, not all antihypertensive medications have this side effect. ACE inhibitors are less likely to cause a decreased sex drive, because they tend to work by reducing nerve impulses to blood vessels, which allows the blood to pass more easily. However, beta-blockers and diuretics are the most common cause of sexual dysfunctions. This is because diuretics can decrease the blood flow during sexual arousal, making it challenging to attain an erection. Beta-blockers also cause sexual dysfunctions because they make it difficult for the arteries to allow enough blood to flow, permitting an erection; they also impact the nervous system reaction that leads to an erection (Alberti, Torlasco, Lauretta, Loffi, Maranta, Salonia, & Fragasso,

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