The Murder Of Ted Bundy

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I am going to tell you about the life of Theodore Robert Bundy, better known as Ted Bundy. I will explain why he started to commit these murders, and the stories of the few victims that survived. You will read how he committed these murders, and what he did with the victims. You will learn about how he got away with escaping prison twice. Ted Bundy was sentenced to death after confessing to thirty-six murders. He started committing these murders when he was around eighteen years old. He continued these murders until he was twenty-four years old. In one of his last interviews he explains why he blames himself and pornography for his killings. Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. He was incredibly fascinated by …show more content…

Ted Bundys murders took place in the years of 1966-1978. His first victim went by the name of Lonnie Trumball. She was killed in Seattle on June 23, 1966. He began a killing spree around the year 1972. Bundy said he first murder was like a “horrible dream.” Bundys last known victim went by the name Ann Leach. She was believed to be killed on February 9, 1978 in Salt Lake City, Florida. Some people believe that his first victim may have been an eight year old girl from Tacoma. If that was true he would have been fourteen at the age of his first murder, but that statement was not proven true. The majority of his victims were young women who looked like a girl that had ended a long-term relationship with him. Bundy said that when he committed these horrific murders, it felt like being possessed by something awful and alien. Ted Bundy blamed nothing but himself and pornography for his murders. Ted Bundy killed women in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Florida, And Washington. To capture his victims, Ted would fake an injury to get help from them. Once they Agreed to help him, he would proceed to knock them unconscious. His method of murder was noted as being with a metal bar and strangulation. “Bundy would often rape his victims before beating them to death.”

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