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Since the mid twentieth century, funding resources provided to American mental and psychoanalytic hospitals from government based agencies, has been decreasing to an unbelievable point, in millions of dollars per state to be exact. It seems that today people have completely forgotten about those in need of support and care; instead of help, these struggling people, having no intensions to hurt neither themselves nor anybody around them, get thrown into jails where their mental conditions further become worse. Jonathan Martin, a columnist at The Seattle Times, reports his experience: “I watched one class recently as four offenders, in orange jumpsuits shackled to the desks, went through something like an [isolated] group therapy lesson”…show more content…
To identify the crucial problem and how severe the current dilemma is Mother Jones reports that “between 2009 and 2012, states cut a total of $4.35 billion in public mental-health spending from their budgets” (Hoffman). Additional investigation completed by NAMI show “California cut $587.4 million, New York $132 million and Illinois $113.7 million.” To make matters worse the current House Republican budget for 2013 proposes to further reduce federal funding for mental health treatment” (qtd in Cooper).Majorly populated states tend need a higher federal and local program funding to fulfil the needs of all citizens. Already having very low reserves, the mental hospitals will receive an even lower support from the government that has promised to protect and serve all the people equally. The plans of reducing the money flow towards the mental health programs has benefited the governmental budget however, in the long run, the government will be spending even more money to “clean up” the mess the this defunding has caused. Further defunding of hospitals leads to mistreatment of the mentally ill. Mischarged for crimes that they caused under the influence of their illness they are directed to be place in the prison cells; whether the cells are

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