Ap English 3 Year 11 Creative Writing

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There was a sense of impeding doom that turned my stomach. Although I couldn't bear to look at the mask I held outreach to you, my eyes were tempted to look to you. I side-swiped a glance at you before you took the mask. My eyebrow arched as you looked at me, visibly distraught. My eyes did a double take, and my gaze fell curiously back on you. I sensed a feeling of unease from you, and became immediately confused. “Your master never teach you Torture 101, Mr. Ren?” Although I was mocking you, there was a sense of concern in my voice, as I looked over to the Dug and then back at you. “You look like you've seen a ghos-” Holding out the mask in front of you, I watched you intently as your eyes fixated on the item. My eyes narrowed at that reaction, and suddenly, it made sense to me. Perhaps you had seen a ghost. Fully educated in the many various connections within the Force, I wondered if in this moment you had seen anything. If in this moment, his darkness had fallen on you. I pondered the horrors you had witnessed... and if any one of those horrors was my own. I wondered if it was pain you experienced, and even... if that pain was my own. As you went to take the mask, I looked away again and hesitated, retracting slightly. There was an …show more content…

The most notable change was how immaculately clean the apartment was. "That Crolute..." I pondered, walking past the couch and into the kitchen to gaze at the expensive yet remarkably technological screen. "... He's not the apartment owner. He's the security guard." I looked down at the table, placing my mask at the corner. "The computer system has been on Sleep Mode for nearly 2 months." I pointed to the setting readings at the top left corner. Moving over to the fridge, I pulled it open. It was practically void of any food. Just some non-perishables and drinks. "This place has been empty for

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