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Dear Diary
I am standing alone in a lake. The water is still, and there is no one with me - nothing containing any life… and yet I still feel like something is observing me. I can’t hear anything or see through the thick blanket of fog that carries an air of melancholy across the marsh. I am standing alone in a lake.
Until I open my eyes.
Tranquillity leaves me and I am transported to a place where there is no adequation; where hierarchy takes over and all beings abide by it. If you enter this place and you begin the journey deficiently, you will never be accepted into this complex community they call school.
I gasped for air between sobs. Tears from my wide, moistened eyes streamed unchecked down my pale …show more content…

I knew without a single doubt that there was not even a semblance of the most miniscule of smiles on my face but that I did, in fact, bear the dejected expression of a prisoner as he ambles towards the gallows.
Scuttling innocently through the twisting corridors I bore the same expression; head down, shoulders hunched, avoiding any eye contact - my desperate attempts to deter the despot for one day at least. Despite my efforts, there was no escape, as seemingly within the second of having that naively optimistic thought, a cruel, callous voice demanded I surrender my broach. Fear spiked, as it always did, but with it came something else, an alien emotion ... Looking back now, I see that it must have been the cumulative effect of months of torment that brought me to the realisation that at this point I had reached the nadir of my life. Deriding cackles pierced my ears and this time I recognised the emotion, fury. It burned through my veins, along with the memories of the past to form a feeling of overwhelming power. I met the daggers that would usually invoke terror, and calmly, I said “No.”
With my newfound sense of worth - the desire to exact some kind of revenge for being so subjugated was inexplicably tempting. Though some say that by forgiving we become virtuous, was it not Shakespeare himself who said, “If you wrong us, shall we not

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