Ap European History Summer Assignment

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AP European History summer assignment
Phachara Arromdee
Part 1
1. In chapter 9, the three great calamities were France and England in a hundred year war, the Bubonic plague also known as the Black Death, and the breakdown and revival of the late medieval church. The hundred year old war was caused by King Edward the 3rd when he tried to claim the French throne when Charles the 4th died. It wasn’t the only reason since both England’s and France’s territory powers were too close to each other and tensions were high. The Bubonic plague also arrived between 1348- 1350, killing 2/5th of the Western Europe population. It was spread throughout by ticks on rats which nested in roofs or the filthy streets.
2. During the Bubonic plague, it …show more content…

The book tries to describe a way to “cure” the disease with blessings and that the incoming disease was an infallible token of fast approaching death. The symptoms include a large black bubble originating usually in the groin area or armpits.
4. The rich kept time going steadily with tournaments. Each castle sends out a knight to compete in these tournaments to entertain the crowd and win glory. Each knight would fight on a horse or horse back with joust. The tournaments would sometimes result in severe injuries or even death!
5. The process to attain knight hood is a long process composed of 5 simple steps. The first step is to know the right people or have good connections. The second step in becoming a knight is to practice and have good manners. The third step is to figure out how to properly mount and ride a horse. The forth step is to learn the rules of Heraldry, chivalry, practice with weapons and horseback riding. The final step is to become a knight at a ceremony.
6. Tournaments during the medieval ages are not just to show look stunning but, to show how powerful from that particular castle. It also is used for entertaining other kingdoms with jousting. Tournaments can also be used to sharpen one’s skill set. Tournaments can help a knight in battle with the skills he learned from the tournaments.
7. There are two groups of the clergy, the

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