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Zionism is the Jewish trying to get their own home. The World Zionist Organisation, set up by Theodor Herzl was a means of achieving this. Because of this, the WZO had a large effect on Palestine with the Social, Political and Economic impacts including, a change in the population, cultural changes and a loss of wealth for the previous occupants of Palestine. Because of all of this, we can see that the WZO has had a large impact on Palestine.

The Jewish Aliyah’s (Zionist Immigration), heavily influenced by the idea of Zionism perpetrated by the World Zionist Organisation, was a major event affecting the social aspect of Palestine. Supporters of Zionism though that the Jewish people had an inherent right to Palestine, referring to the divine promise of the land to the tribes of Israel.
They also thought that them having Palestine would solve the problem of Jewish dispersion and anti-Semitism. These Aliyah’s made the Jewish community living in Palestine rise from 6 percent of the population in 1880 to 10 percent by 1914. With the growing Jewish population, cultural change was also brought about. The first Aliyah (1881-1903) created villages in Palestine for farmers; the second (1904-1914) bought about settlement, leading to urban and industrial growth. Overall, the mass …show more content…

In order to carry out the aims of Zionism, and build the Jewish national home, the Zionist movement made a set of practical steps to achieve their goal. They promoted large-scale immigration into Palestine, then took control of land and tried to force Jewish companies to only hire Jewish workers and lastly set up a Hebrew educational system. These steps created a national body in Palestine entirely separate from the already established Arab community. These steps influenced and voiced by the World Zionist Organisation has managed to separate the populations inside

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