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CITATIONS AND APA FORMAT When writing any kind of paper or essay, it is essential that you give Plagiarism is a serious credit to the sources that you use; you do this by appropriately citing these sources in parenthetical citations within your paper and in a academic violation. reference list at the end of the paper. Failing to appropriately cite To avoid plagiarism, sources—either intentionally or unintentionally—is a serious academic violation called plagiarism. You should never represent someone else’s use this rule of thumb: work or ideas as your own. Any time you have taken a statement, a When in doubt, cite it. fact, or even an idea from another author, you must cite it. A good rule to go by is that if you are in doubt about…show more content…
Shame is rarely—if ever—the presenting problem for clients entering therapy. It is, however, frequently a complication that occurs alongside the presenting problem. Because shame is almost never the only problem, it is important that therapists know how to work with it in the context of other problems; therapists need a way of dealing with their clients’ shame and addressing related disorders at the same time. They must be able to find ways to decrease the immediate negative reactions of shame during therapy. Such reactions of shame include wanting to run away, hide, or withdraw (Fable, 1999), which may defeat therapy before it begins. Reference Lists Everything that requires a citation in the text of your paper also requires full reference information at the end of the paper. There are many different types of sources, but here are some of the most common. Website: Author, A., & Author, B. (Year). Title of article or webpage. Main website (if applicable). Retrieved from http://complete.url/tofind.article Fable, J. L. (1999). Shame. Retrieved from http://www.forhealing.org/shame.html Book: Author, A., & Author, B. (Year). Title of the book. Publication City, ST: Publisher Name. Goldberg, C. (1991). Understanding shame. Northvale, NJ: Jason Aronson. Journal article: Author, A., & Author, B. (Year). Title of the article. Journal Name in Italics, xx (volume), pages. Lutwak, N., Panish, J., &

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