Apollo 13 Crew And Ernestoe In 'Barrio Boy'

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People undertake a mission because the they want to achieve great goals. For example, Ernesto and the Apollo 13 Crew (Joe Kerwin, Jack Swigert, and Jack Lovell) achieved their missions by trusting someone to help them advance towards their goals. They were also consistent about working hard to achieve their goal. Lastly, they were all motivated towards achieving this goal.

Unlike the Apollo 13 Crew, Ernesto was initially not as driven to achieve his goal. Ernesto wanted to fit into his entirely new school. In order for Ernesto to fit into his new school, he had to learn English from Miss Ryan. He conquered a few words , “from this success he was able to learn a lot more” stated Ernesto. This shows he was very hardworking to complete his goal of learning English. Similar to the other kids that did not know English, “he had private lessons from Miss Ryan in the closet” . Furthermore, these lessons improved his English and showed that he has the trust in MIss Ryan as in paragraph 14. Even though Ernesto in “Barrio Boy” is becoming an American, there is no fear of being part of the Mexican culture. …show more content…

The Apollo 13 Crew had to get back to Earth, because both oxygen tanks and the command module were not working. On their way to the Moon, they activated the oxygen tanks up and they found, “we are venting something, it was oxygen” Lovell states. The crew were really hard working to fix the oxygen leak. Since the carbon dioxide level was so high in the ship they were desperate to get help from mission control. Mission control said to make filters with items . Overall, this shows the Apollo 13 Crew trusted

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