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LO3 Be able to produce information in appropriate formats for decision making in an organization context 3.1 Demonstrate collected data and information through various graphs using any statistical software e.g. spreadsheet Using spreadsheet, decision makers record their information in rows and column so that data can be presented in graph using MS excel. For quick review of information and easy understanding, business organization uses spreadsheet line. Now, spreadsheet line, pie chart, bar chart will be used to analyze information. Question for the CR Which food you like in the restaurant CR has targeted almost all classed people as their target customers. On this basis, they have manufactured their products. From the product analysis,…show more content…
Although, they are admitting that Heinz’s products’ quality is high, their promotional strategies are good enough and customer services are satisfactory, still there are some factors that are manipulating their opinion and letting them to go against their favor. Do you enjoy to have the French food? Yes No 55% 45% There is no doubt about the products’ quality and standard of Heinz business organization. They are always about the health value, using nourished ingredients in manufacturing and they keep their manufacturing unit nit and clean always. French food has got good demand on market. Do you agree? Yes No No comment 30% 57% 13% It is very shocking news that Heinz’s products does not have high demand in the market although their products’ quality and standards are very high. What are reasons have to be identified. Question 06: What are the major limitations of the organization? Points that have answered by the participants are: Heinz does not have any unique value in the market, their products’ prices are comparatively high in the market, there are lots of alternative products in the market, they do not care about the standard of living of market people and customers etc. Question 07: How the organization can overcome their limitations? The recommendations that the market people have provided are: Heinz has to lower down their products
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