Application Of A Trainer For Vet Sector

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Conclusion: Entering as a trainer in VET sector was looked very simple which has become an immediate challenge for the government to improve the quality of access into VET sector. The other challenge identified in this proposal is that to improve the quality as per the changing needs and demands technologically. Furthermore, I have given my viewpoints on VET practitioners related issues analyzing the learning and development of trainers, assessors and consideration of their professional development and new forms of curriculum development to widen the employability skills within the VET sector. This research proposal anticipates some knowledge gained working with the trainers in VET sector and shall be submitted to relevant government regulatory bodies to see the positive changes in future. There are other depending roles of VET practices such as CEO 's, leaders and management of RTOs which are not discussed in detail, because this research proposal is focused solely on the capabilities of a VET trainer by having qualified in Certificate IV. Teaching different cohorts of the new generation with a lot of technology demands is another issue which was not discussed in this proposal and always embraced. VET sector is going to change rapidly due to the Blended learning concept in the next ten years of time particularly in the nature of learner expectations and how a trainer is trained and developed to lead and create new knowledge considering the social and economic factors. This

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