Application Of The Physical Mobility Scale

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Title: Application of the Physical Mobility Scale for a Patient with Multiple Traumas in the Acute Care Setting: a Case Report

Background and Purpose: Each year 76,000 pedestrians are struck by a motor vehicle sometimes resulting in multiple traumas and on average a hospital length of stay 10.8 (± 16.7) days. By definition, multiple trauma spans multiple systems, which makes measurements of the outcomes complex. The purpose of this case report is to show the effectiveness of the Physical Mobility Scale in determining improvements in mobility level of a 35 year-old patient in the acute care setting with multiple traumas following a pedestrian-car crash. Case Description: A 35-year-old female admitted to an acute care hospital following a pedestrian-motor vehicle accident. The patient presented with multiple and severe neuromusculoskeletal failures grossly affecting physical mobility and self-care. Outcomes: Improvement in mobility is evident comparing the patient’s Physical Mobility Scale scores on initial evaluation (0/45) and discharge (13/45). Functionally, the patient progressed from dependent to modified independent in all bed mobility and was able to transfer to a bedside chair with less assistance. Discussion: The Physical Mobility Scale was sensitive enough to reflect daily changes in mobility. This case demonstrates the usefulness of the Physical Mobility Scale in the acute care setting for measuring changes in function for a young adult patient

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