Application Of Theories, Principles And Models Of Reflective Practice

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1. Understand the application of theories, principles and models of reflective practice to continuing personal and professional development

When evaluating theories, principles and models of reflective practice it is always useful to have a brief overview of the target subject. Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) refers to the development of an individual in their professional work life. In essence it can be compared to a journey, with a point of origin and an end point, within which there a number paths and targets along the journey with a variety of career choices.
In order to improve our own practice as a teacher, and professional in a teaching organisation working with your peers and others, it is vital to digest …show more content…

2. Adults experience and incorporate new perspectives on previously held ideas, modes of reasoning and ideologies. A teacher in their practice should constantly incorporate and add new ways of teaching and learn from previous experiences.
3. All adults carry a preconception of behaviour; for example in a public place, which is based on personal upbring and experience. What may be perceived as abnormal behaviour for one individual can be perfectly acceptable to another person.
I teach Key Skills to young adults with behavioural and emotional issues from a broad variety of differing backgrounds and life experiences. As a consequence, I constantly have to be very creative in my professional practice. Employing the three concepts of Brookfield’s critical reflection allows me to challenge any assumptions I may have and offers me the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of my teaching practice.
My area of improvement was in specifically, the delivery of English with learners who were demotivated and disengaged from the learning experience. I identified that in an academically driven environment, these particular learners were not comfortable with a formal classroom setting, due to previous negative experiences of the school environment. This generated the need for new methods of delivery, which was discussed with previous class tutor and teaching peer group, problems areas identified in previous classes the learners relaxed too

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