Application for Chemical Engineering at Princetone University

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My life is all about problem solving: managing to live a difficult life in America after turning thirteen, finding “out of the box” to achieve my goals in debate, art, and HOSA, helping other teenagers with problems they struggle with... Designing a seemingly impossible pathway for me and others to succeed is my way of life, and a chemical engineer takes that to the next level.

Everything around us -- from a bar of soup to a bucket of paint -- involves chemical engineering. The profession is not only about my favorite subjects, chemistry and math, but also about creating ideas, innovation, and new technology. This is what chemical engineers do, solving problems not just for one person, but for everyone. And being part of that amazing …show more content…

I have also competed at many local academic competitions in chemistry, math and biology, placing 1st at the Chadron Scholastic Chemistry Contest, 1st (twice) at the 2011 and 2012 West River Mathematics Contest, and 3rd at the West River Biology Contest.

Nevertheless, my current living situation offers me limited opportunities to explore the world of chemical engineering. Attending XXX University would mean the world to me -- giving me a chance to pursue my dreams with renowned professors such as XXX in an advanced laboratory and with people who share the same interests. At Princeton University, I can further explore the world of chemical engineering through Freshmen seminars, once again working with my peers. I am especially interested in the fall seminar Materials World at Mathey College, learning the technical processing and applications of materials around us. In addition, the spring seminar Emerging Micro and Nano-Engineered Technologies at Rockefeller College can also give me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of engineering.

On top of everything, Princeton offers me amazing research opportunities I cannot find anywhere else. I intend to arrange summer employment at Princeton doing research with faculty members. I also value

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