Application for the Post of a Nursing Professional

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Name Street Address State, City, Zip Phone number Email address Date Name of person applying to Title Company Dear. Mr./Ms. So-and-so, I am writing in the hopes that your organization has a need for qualified and passionate nursing professionals, and to submit my name as an applicant for any such positions. Having worked in the medical field for close to three decades and as a registered nurse for more than ten years, I am now seeking a position that will utilize my nursing and patient care skills in a fast-paced and rewarding patient-oriented organization. Just as nursing is an ever-evolving and ever-growing filed of knowledge and practice, my professional objective is to continue to achieve greater knowledge and greater levels of patient care through practice and experience, and I believe a position in your organization would serve me quite well in this regard. This organization would also be well-served by the experience and the other strengths that I would bring to bear on my position as a nurse, working alongside other members of your team and with the patients that form the center of any healthcare or nursing practice. My decades of experience and education, both in my native Ghana and in the United States, have given me a wealth of knowledge and skills that I am confident will present a major asset to your organization and to your patients. Having worked as a nurse and midwife in a variety of settings, including in a psychiatric institution and in a
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