Application of Gis in Natural Resourse Management

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1.1 Background
Natural resources play a critical role in the welfare of developing countries (Huizing etal, 2002). For many developing countries, natural resources are the base upon which all life depends. However, many developing countries have experienced and continue to experience severe degradation of their natural resources. Expansion in technology, population and economic activities have led to accelerated and unsustainable exploitation and depletion of natural resources (satapathy etal., 2008). This degradation, especially of forest cover has led to diminishing soil fertility, soil erosion, increase severity of the impact of drought, and the further reduction in the ability to produce food and other
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GIS, with their capabilities for spatial analysis and modeling of diverse data, can enhance the ability to address several natural resource and environmental issues that have spatial component (Nijkamp & Scholten, 1993). GIS can facilitate the organization, manipulation and analysis of diverse data often associated with these issues, and the data structures, and analytical techniques of GIS can be incorporated into a wide range of management and decision making operations that pertain specifically to natural resources.

1.2 Problem Statement
Nigeria as a developing country has experienced severe environmental degradation and ecological deterioration in the past century, with little or no real solutions to alleviate many of these problems. Information on the variability and distribution of natural resources and natural resource problems is needed to enhance decision making in natural resource management. Use of conventional methods for mapping and estimating potential risk areas is relatively costly and time consuming and is subject to a variety of errors. Recently, however, advances in computing power and the increasing availability of remote sensing data have renewed interest in using GIS to address a wide range

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