Applying Organizational Behavior Theory? Essay

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Applying Organizational Behavior Theory
Ahmed Salman
Argosy University
September, 23, 2015

Applying Organizational Behavior Theory
Organizational behavior entails the study of individual and also group performance and their interactions and ability to work in groups. It aims at identifying major problems that affects performance within the teams to work together, in a bid to develop a more efficient business operation (Hiriyappa, 2009). It relies heavily on organizational cultures since they reflect how organizations behave One major problem in the organization is the issue of appreciating diversity within the workplace. Most employees and some management personnel see this as a threat and therefore there cannot be efficient teamwork cohesion in doing projects. This may be due to the fact that they have reinforcing homogeneity perspectives or color-blind perspectives (Prasad, 1997). Leaders should try to make changes to this major issue since it affects operations where diversity is required to achieve strategic goals. The organization should plan to change the mentality of those rejecting diversity, to embrace Fairness perspective, access perspective, integration and learning perspectives which will ensure a unison move to prosperity of the organization (Clements & Jones, 2008). The organization’s vision requires diversity in place since diversity offers:
New and better opportunities, capabilities, skills and potential innovations to achieve goals

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