April Scolds: A Fictional Narrative

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~ What do you do when the thing destroying you is yourself? ~

I wake up with an ache in my back, I crawl out of my warm and comfy bed and walk to my scales in my bathroom, I check my weight, 83lbs, I sigh, if I lose anymore weight mum will notice and chuck me in the loony bin, a place where all the rejects go, I turn in the water of my shower so it's steamy hot, I always have hot showers, especially when my back hurts, the bathroom in my bedroom consist of a shower, bathtub, toilet and sink, plus a few accessories, I fit my small frame through the sliding doors, the water soaks my long black curly hair.

My mind wanders as I look at my wrist, the faint white lines where clear to me, I could see them so clear that it was haunting me, I forgot …show more content…

Of course I'm coming!" We laugh as we hop on our bikes,

The ride to school was short, we didn't talk much, we don't have to, just the company of each other is enough for us, I walked into school with April by my side as we always did, and we prepared for hell.


April opens the door to her house as we both walk in, as if on time, Terrance runs behind me and picks me up, swinging me around as I scream and giggle.

Terrance and I have a past, as much as I feel as related to this family, Terrance was different, when I was 7 we started having feelings for each other, when I was 10 he asked me out, we've been dating since,

I turn around and kiss him when he puts me down, behind us I hear gagging noises, we laugh as I turn around, Terrance hugs me from …show more content…

"Terrance and I's anniversary is coming up next week" I say, she looks at me,

"You got anything for him yet?" She asks, I sigh,

"No... It's our 6 year anniversary, what do I get?" I asks, she looks back at the ceiling,

"Your virginity" she jokes, we crack up laughing,

"Maybe, it would be fun and a heck of a good time" I play along, we laugh again, Terrance knocks on the door and we both say "come in"

He walks in as he sits next to me, rubbing my back, "mum and dad have a hold up at the hospital so they won't be home until late" Terrance says,

I look at Terrance, my heart does summersaults, the stomach twists and turns as butterflies fly around, my heart speeds up and my palms become sweaty, I love him, I love him so much, this is our 6th year anniversary, it has to be good, it's got to be the best.

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