Arab Authors ' Perspective On The Peer Review Quality

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Arab authors’ perspective on the peer review quality: Emerald’s scholarly library & information science journals as a case study “Peer review has been providing a valuable service to the scientific community since it was first employed in 1665 by the Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, and its value is very difficult to measure”. (British Ecological Society, 2013, p. 1). Introduction Scholarly communication, especially in the digital environment, has witnessed a significant growth in the scientific productivity in all academic disciplines. According to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (2011), approximately three million manuscripts are submitted to journals every year. As of 3 September 2014, the multidisciplinary coverage of the Web of Science encompasses over 50,000 scholarly books, 12,000 journals and 160,000 conference proceeding (Thomson Reuter, 2015). In fact, scholarly communication is seen as a crucial part of research, and researchers are often judged by their academic productivity. Any academic promotion is not only taking into its consideration the number of publications, but also how prestigious the journals they were published in. Such a case is based on the practice and process of the peer review implemented and the communication system followed between the author and the editorial staff. The most important characteristic of any academic or scholarly article is that it has to pass an academic quality

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